1 plan past fear, pain, distracting addictions, dis-eases & scarcity

"Only when we know the root cause,
we can solve the root together with its symptoms once and for all"
Tom Nuyens

Tom Nuyens


1. Video: Acute Anxiety Relief

Practical tool: How to get immediately past limiting Fear or an acute anxiety attack: simple but effective practice as a safety net on your journey towards Complete Liberation.


Pdf-checklist to fill out to dis-cover your unsolved issues, for your own reference.

Only when we get clarity in our hidden spider-webs, we can clean them once and for all.
Practical PDF-checklist with video-training, where you can check the boxes for your own reference, to make all of your unsolved issues visible for Cleansing.
Only when we make our spider webs visible, we can put our intention behind cleansing them once and for all.

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2. How to stop adding more fears

+ Proof that we all can cleanse ourselves a 100% from our troubled reality without having to relive or feel that troubled reality again! Proof that it's not too good to be true.

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3. Exit Financial Rat Race

We all are imprisoned by the Financial Rat Race first, before we might find and take the exit.
In this video the exit, together with the overview of the 4 realistic steps to Financial Freedom will be revealed.

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4. #1 Insight that will set your mind FREE!

1 Controversial Theoretical Insight to set our restless mind Free: Free from the root of all Fear, Restlessness, Pain, relational problems, addictions, dis-ease, financial problems, limitations...

Presentation of a complete simple to follow enjoyable step-by-step coaching program with personal support to put all this into detailed practice.

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Dis-Cover who you are
without the Cover of
Fear, Pain, Dis-ease & Scarcity

I learned the hard way that liberation from our fears, low self esteem, loneliness, pains, dependency, dysfunctional relationships and dis-eases is not to be found in creating a shiny mask of success on the outside, not even in a shiny mask of world success that I created, but in making a 180° turn to solve the root of all our issues.
What I did learn in my obsession to not be laughed at anymore for being too skinny, and after becoming very aware about health after having survived a life threatening disease, is that physical health is not to be found in what is advertised either.

The great extra we get once we solve the root of all our fears, low self esteem, loneliness, pains, dependency and dis-eases,
is that it opens the door to dis-cover our unique authentic natural function, from which financial freedom & abundance is created as a logical consequence.

Because I'm very grateful to have survived a life threatening disease, I want to contribute to life. It is my mission to help people who also want to live to the fullest from the inside out before the end of their lives, so they can actually experience it for themselves too.

Arent you tired of 'superficial' solutions that won't last?

This journey to heal, liberate, dis-cover and unleash ourselves, 'not on the surface', but 'from the very root up' is the greatest journey we can ever make. It is far greater than the most beautiful resorts over the entire world I have visited or flying to my job with a private jet when I was 19.

I am ready when you are,

Enjoy your liberation process. 

Tom Nuyens



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