How to stop excessive thinking: #1 Real cause of overthinking revealed.

We will make visible what the real root cause of our EXCESSIVE THINKING really is.

Only when we know the real cause of excessive thinking, we can heal the root and therefor automatically liberate ourselves from every other EXCESSIVE-THINKING-symptom too, like not being able to stop thinking, restlessness, moodiness, bad temper, feeling powerless, loneliness, etc.

You don’t have to feel ashamed for the fact that you are addicted to thinking. Because without any exception, most people are first addicted to thinking, before the real root of the problem arises.
The only difference might be that some people are better in hiding their addiction behind a mask than others. Until their mask cracks obviously.

Only if we know what the real root of the problem is, we will know how we can STOP OUR EXCESSIVE THINKING completely and for once and for all.

EXCESSIVE THINKING comes down to FEAR, fear for feeling what we would feel, without any distraction from OUR EXCESSIVE THINKING.

To end the root of the problem together with all it’s symptoms for once and for all, and therefor to shine the light onto our ‘dark’ fear, I came up with a drawing to show you.


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