I learned the hard way that liberation from our fears, low self esteem, loneliness, pains, dependency, dysfunctional relationships and dis-eases is not to be found in creating a shiny mask of success on the outside, not even in a shiny mask of world success that I created, but in making a 180° turn to solve the root of all our issues.
What I did learn in my obsession to not be laughed at anymore for being too skinny, and after becoming very aware about health after having survived a life threatening disease, is that physical health is not to be found in what is advertised either.

The great extra we get once we solve the root of all our fears, low self esteem, loneliness, pains, dependency and dis-eases,
is that it opens the door to dis-cover our unique authentic natural function, from which financial freedom & abundance is created as a logical consequence.

Because I'm very grateful to have survived a life threatening disease, I want to contribute to life. It is my mission to help people who also want to live to the fullest from the inside out before the end of their lives, so they can actually experience it for themselves too.

Arent you tired of 'superficial' solutions that won't last?

This journey to heal, liberate, dis-cover and unleash ourselves, 'not on the surface', but 'from the very root up' is the greatest journey we can ever make. It is far greater than the most beautiful resorts over the entire world I have visited or flying to my job with a private jet when I was 19.

I am ready when you are,

Enjoy your liberation process.