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9 video course + pdf checklist + scientific studies
Video + pdf + scientific study subjects: 1 How I reset my nature, 2 The key, 3 How I corrected my dysfunction, 4 How I ended my cravings, 5 How I overcame my limiting objections, 6 How I overcame my auto-immune skin conditions, 7 How I cleaned up blocking metabolic trash from my body, 8 What about Cancer?, 9 Principle behind my body (HRV, metabolic scale,...) measuring drastically younger than my calendar age
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Get Natural Master Class

After having survived a life threatening disease when I was 8, studying health & nutrition became my passion.
After having experienced that most of the conditioned taught health claims were flat out wrong for me, it became my mission, to pay forward measurable 'Strong natural Health' and even 'Measurable Rejuvenation' by example.

By law, I'm not allowed to tell you it will do the same to you as it does to me, that is why I can only speak for myself, include my personal measurements & include scientific studies.

Tom Nuyens

Alive Academy

My metabolic age measures 16 years younger than my calendar age.
While my calendar age is almost 50, my measured HRV indicates that my increased fitness, health and youthfulness are measured even way higher than that of a 20-year-old (see image below).
Something I am Very proud of and wish for you too.

Recently I worked as an underwear model for the exact same client as I have worked for 23 years ago.

I work out only maximum 4 x 1/2h a week, so it is not about working out, to let nature itself restore my optimal intended body composition..

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