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from the root up 

From Fear, Stress, Pain, Loneliness,
Depression, Burn-out, Dependencies, Addictions
Relational/ Financial/ Physical problems & Dis-eases

VIDEO 1: (Acute) Anxiety Relief + Pdf-Checklist

Practical tool: How I got immediately past limiting Fear or an acute anxiety attack: simple but effective practice as a safety net on your journey towards Complete Liberation.


Pdf-checklist to fill out to dis-cover your unsolved issues, for your own reference.
Only when we get clarity in our hidden spider-webs, we can clean them once and for all.

VIDEO 2: How I stopped Adding more Fears

+ Analogy that we all can cleanse ourselves a 100% from our troubled reality without having to re-live or feel that troubled reality again! The Analogy helped me to see it' s not too good to be true.

VIDEO 3: Exit Financial Fear Trap

We all are imprisoned by the Financial Fear Rat Race first, before we might find and take the exit.
In this video the exit, together with the overview of the 4 realistic steps to Financial Freedom helped me big time.

VIDEO 4: #1 Insight that will set your mind FREE!

1 Controversial Theoretical Insight that set my restless mind Free: Free from the root of all Fear, Restlessness, Pain, relational problems, Loneliness, addictions, dis-ease, financial problems, limitations...

Presentation of a complete simple to follow enjoyable step-by-step coaching program with my personal lifetime support to put all this into detailed practice/ experience.

My Fundamental Liberating Animation

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