how to fix a stiff neck

How to fix a stiff neck from the root up: mind body connection

Do you have a stiff neck or even a lot of headaches? Do you want to know what is causing a stiff neck from the very root up?

This video is designed to give you perspective and crystal clear direction towards complete liberation from the psychological root cause of a stiff neck or of chronic neck pain.

Because only when we know the actual root cause of a symptom like a stiff neck, neck pain or headaches, we can heal the root together with its symptoms once and for all.

On top of that, this video is also designed to give you clarity and perspective in direction towards dis-covering the authentic abundant life that you are actually born for.

Welcome to this video. I’m Tom Nuyens from the alive academy. My passion and study for both physical and psychological health was born after having survived a life threatening diseases when I was eight.

On my journey I discovered that a lot of conditioned emotional and physical health claims, are sometimes flat out wrong.

To help you see the woods for the trees again, I created this channel.

I had had often a stiff neck, severe and chronic neck and shoulder pain myself, diagnosed under the label of supraspinatus tendonitis.
When it didn’t go away with the help of a physical therapist, the doctor advised me to have some cortisone injections used.
I knew cortisone injections can lead to damage of the tissues and the weakening of the tendons, so I’m happy I didn’t approve the injections.

Then, from one day to the other, my neck and shoulder pain was completely gone, do you know why?Enjoy the video!