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7 Modules

Almost the exact opposite approach as we are being conditioned to work hard against our nature

  • 1

    How to dis-cover your inner diamond (authentic purpose/unique function)

    -how to dis-cover your authentic natural diamond & passion
    which is the key to authentic natural abundance?
    -how to know that you aren't just copying
    your parent's, your friend's, someone else's function?
    -how to dis-cover what you truly want in life, free from the eyes of others?
    -how to find answers that you won't find on Google, Youtube, in a book,...?
    -how to become unstoppable to create & unleash abundance

  • 2

    How to get Clarity & Vision

    If we are not able to get a clear vision of the future,
    we will be left with the old memories of the past,
    which will make us repeat a predictable life.

  • 3

    Knowing vs Experiencing

    We only truly 'know' through Experience.
    How to 'know' & how to 'experience'.

  • 4


    -How to create money without obstructions
    -How to dis-cover your creativity (even if you might still believe you aren't creative)
    -How to become infinite resourceful

  • 5

    Projector tool

    -Controversial tool if put into your own practice, step-by-step
    it will be almost impossible that your inner diamond
    won't be created & unleashed into financial freedom & abundance
    (past: procrastination & falling back into old habits that won't serve you)
    -Creating your inner diamond
    -Creating inner diamond 'assets' that will create Financial Freedom & Abundance for you.

  • 6

    Financial Freedom & Abundance

    -Do's and Don'ts once you start EXPERIENCING financial freedom & abundance into your reality.

  • 7

    Bonus module for the New Leader from the inside out

    -How to become an even greater inspiration & example from the inside out than you already are, for your children, family, partner, friends, people you will meet,...
    -How to make your heartbeat or blood flow (financial flow) steadier and greater, so even more people can benefit from what you have to give from your inner diamond.

Just take the first step and I'll help you to make your circle round.

Inner development

It was an honour for me to help you dis-cover and experience your untouched, unharmed blank slate state.  

Outer development

It will be an honour to help you dis-cover and experience your inner diamond into abundance.

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Most likely you are going to feel Alive to the very fullest already from the very first modules on the outside too.

  • I'll will personally by your side to answer you if you would have any questions.

    The program is designed to make you independently resourceful and succeed without being dependent of me. But if you would have any questions along the steps, I will personally answer you by email.

    I only started creating True Financial Freedom & Abundance, after I dis-covered these simple to follow steps. It is nothing compared with the superficial golden layer of success that I experienced when I was 19.

    My intention is to share the exact same steps, so you can experience it for yourself too.

    I wish it serves you this way.

    Make your choice below, and let’s make this happen together.

Financial Freedom & Abundance Membership Experience
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Weekly new practical training for 5 months.

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Financial Freedom & Abundance Membership Experience
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Weekly new practical training for 5 months.

Lifetime Access after 5 months.