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I learned the hard way that liberation from our fears, low self esteem, loneliness, pains and dis-eases is not to be found in creating a shiny mask of success on the outside, but in making a 180° turn to solve the root of all our issues.
What I did learn in my obsession to not be laughed at anymore for being too skinny, and after becoming very aware about health after having survived a life threatening disease, is that physical health is not to be found in what is advertised.

I came across controversial:

Health secrets that the dietary & pharmaceutical industry might not want you to know:

1. How I made my body-age measure 16 younger than my calendar age
2. How I cured or prevented physical diseases drastically
(what the pharmaceutical industry might not want you to know)
3. How to get rid of sugar or physical addictive cravings
4. How to loose fat (and toxins) without supplements or having to exercise
(what the dietary industry might not want you to know)
5. What I do each morning for only 5 minutes that drastically boosts my health & energy

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