from the root cause of disease!

3 videos

1. How disease works + Acute Anxiety Relief

How to get immediately past an acute anxiety attack:
simple but effective tool (useful after a diagnose)
Root cause of all disease revealed

2. How to stop knocking our immune system out of balance!

How we can stop injecting our body with fight and flight biochemicals that switch on certain disease causing genes + Proof we all can cleanse ourselves a 100% from our biochemical imbalance naturally.

3. #1 thing all natural disease remissions all have in common:

People who experienced natural disease remissions have 1 thing in common (even from chronic, degenerative or incurable diseases) +
how to make that 1 thing part of you.



I'm Tom Nuyens, I survived a life threatening diseases.

I learned the hard way that liberation from our dis-eases is not to be found in external solutions, but in making a 180° turn to solve the root of all our dis-ease.
After becoming very aware about health after having survived a life threatening disease, that physical health is not to be found in what is advertised either, it became my mission to pay these insights forward to you.

The great extra we get once we solve the root of all our fears, low self esteem, loneliness, pains, dependency and dis-eases,
is that it opens the door to dis-cover our unique authentic natural function, from which financial freedom & abundance is created as a logical consequence.

Because I'm very grateful to have survived a life threatening disease, I want to contribute to life. It is my mission to help people who also want to live to the fullest from the inside out before the end of their lives, so they can actually experience it for themselves too.

Arent you tired of 'superficial' solutions that won't last?

This journey to heal, liberate, dis-cover and unleash ourselves, 'not on the surface', but 'from the very root up' is the greatest journey we can ever make.I am ready when you are,

Enjoy your liberation process.


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