My moral obligation:

It is my moral obligation to share the following with you:

We all believe when we exactly do what conventional health and fitness subscribes it Will makes us healthy, but…

After having survived a life threatening disease, and becoming conscious of how precious life is, I became intrigued with health, disease remission and getting our body in the most optimal body composition.

I have learned everything about conventional health and fitness and managed to look healthy and athletic on the outside, I even became the first mister Belgium, the first mister World and an international underwear model.

But, I started to notice that some of the health dogmas, were flat out wrong, for example I started to experience knee and skin problems and a lack of energy along things. 

It made me question, how this is possible when I exactly Did what is prescribed by conventional health

I want to share with you the scientific insights, what seems to be intended by nature. Explained with the logic of pure-genius-nature itself and out of my own experience.

How to get out of the way and let nature itself reverse inflammation and disease and how we can let nature itself even rejuvenate or regenerate our body to its most optimal muscular state.

My metabolic age measures 16 years younger than my calendar age. Something  I am Very proud of.

Recently I worked as an underwear model for the exact same client as I have worked for 23 years ago.

I work out only maximum 4 x 1/2h a week, so it is not about working out, to let nature itself restore our optimal intended body composition.

Eventhough I just came out of winning the Mr belgium contest And the Mr world contest, today I have a far better body composition in comparison to my actual younger self back then.

All because I dont follow and Apply the conventional health and fitness principles anymore.

There was advised to have a knee surgery, because of chronic pain and malfunction.

But after I started to  apply the principles of nature, now I can run and jump again with my kids, as if nothing has ever happened to my knee.

I’m going to do something crazy.

Not far from today, The 'Get Natural' Health Course will become part of a paying course, but for now I want to give it to you for free. This is a limited time only!

See how above.

Ok, let’s make it happen together!

Tom Nuyens


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