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Fearless Membership Experience

Complete Step-by-Step plan

All tools included to set you free completely from the inside out. 

Learn step by step to flush out all immunity-weakening stress, fear,
unsolved pain, loneliness, frustrations, addicting distractions
and consequential dis-eases
from the very root up, once and for all!

Without overwhelm, without having
to re-live all the symptoms again or
without suppressing the root and symptoms with for example medication.

Until only the feeling of complete and independent fulfilment, power and immunity is left to be experienced
independent of your (current and future) circumstances.

Video & PDF-Checklist Experience:


4 Video and PDF trainings
-Acute Anxiety Relief
-How Fear Works
-The Truth about Fear


4 practical Video and PDF trainings
-Fundamental Flush Out Experience
-Scientific Explanation + Great Extra
-Expand Experience

Practically: Rough Marble

2 practical Video and PDF trainings
-How to break down the excess marble which is covering the master piece you actually are

Practically: Master Piece

1 practical Video and PDF training
Dis-cover the untouched unharmed
independently fulfilled master piece you actually are through your own experience


1 practical Video and PDF training

Learn through your own experience how to become 'able to respond' emotionally to any situation from clarity and complete fulfilment.


1 practical Video and PDF training

Learn through your own experience how to become 'able to respond' relationally to transform your current relationships into true connecting relationships and/ or to become a magnet for connection or love.


9 practical Video and PDF trainings
Let nature itself reset your intended strongest health and immune system


1 practical Video and PDF training

Learn through your own experience how to become 'able to respond' financially to any situation from flatline to abundant flow.


1 practical Video 

Practical video-experience that will let you experience the transformation from where you are now until complete liberation and independent fulfilment

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Get the full 24 video- and pdf course.

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step by step plan to
complete fulfilment and
strong immunity

from suffering
until inspiration by example

$97  $297

Only when we solve the actual root of the problem,
we solve the root together with every other (current and future) dis-ease symptom too.

Complete liberation without overwhelm,
without having to relive or feel the root and symptoms anymore, without suppressing the root or symptoms any further with for example medication of addicting distractions.
Flushing out all troubled reality through your own experience
Every step of the program will make you feel more liberated and lighter, until only the independent feeling of complete fulfilment, power and immunity is left to be experienced.
NO mind tricks or new believe systems!
Complete liberation from every trick or system.
Experience independent liberation and fulfilment for yourself
Experience reconnection with your authentic, independently fulfilled and powerful self

Next benefits

Temporary extra benefits

How to transform your current relationship into a real connecting and nurturing relationship
How to become a magnet for love and connection
How to re-activate your passion and attraction within your relationship
From suffering and living in a troubled reality 
to become a liberated inspiration by example


Is there a 30 day money back guarantee?

Yes, when the Fearless Membership Experience, after putting the steps into your reality, doesn't provide you what it promises, send me an email within 30 days and you will get your investment in yourself back.

What if I don't dare to make a 180° U-turn within myself?

The program is designed to flush out all unsolved troubled reality, step by step, without overwhelm and without having to re-live them again.
Every single step of the Fearless Membership Experience will make you feel lighter and more liberated, through your own experience.
All your fears will be transformed into the feeling of independent fulfilment.

Can I follow the program while I am being coached or while I am in therapy already?

The Fearless Membership Experience is a program that is designed to make you independently fulfilled and powerful, so also independent of me or any other coaching or therapy.
when the coaching program or therapy which you are following is also designed to make you independent of them, then the Fearless Membership Experience will go hand in hand.

Do I need any other future coaching programs to make me feel independently fulfilled?

No, all steps to make you feel independent fulfilled and powerful are included in the Fearless Membership Experience.

How is it possible that a 'general' program, can help me with 'my specific personal' problems?

Because this program is based upon solving the root of every symptom, instead of upon the conventional symptom-treatment, every symptom will be cleansed from the very root up.

If you would have any specific personal questions along the steps, when you allow yourself access now, you will get lifetime personal support by myself through email, until you have flushed out all of your personal issues.

How long will it take before I will feel liberation from my immune weakening stress, fears, unsolved pain, loneliness, addicting distractions and dis-eases?

From the very first step, every step will make you feel lighter, more independently fulfilled and more powerful from the very root until every symptom, until the only left to be experienced will be the independent feeling of complete fulfilment and powerful immunity. In the end it is a `personal` journey, so slow down to your own pace.

Is 'personal development' not something that needs to be undertaken by 'myself' and 'on my own'? 

It is right that you will have to 'experience' it for yourself and 'on your own', how it 'feels' to be liberated from the very root up, until only the feeling of independent fulfilment is left to be experienced.

The steps of the program are designed, through video and pdf-exercises, to let you experience the shortest path towards complete and independent fulfilment, after having flushed out the root of all symptoms once and for all.

The program serves as a GPS and vehicle to let you experience this destination the fastest way, by showing you the shortest path without any detours.

How can we ever feel independently liberated, fulfilled and powerful in an outer troubled and dark reality like for example a Pandemic?

Like we have seen in the Proof of video 2, it is pure logic we all can cleanse ourselves from our own inner troubled and dark reality.

By flushing out the root of all of our unsolved pain, fears, addicting distractions and dis-eases, we will almost automatically start cleansing our outer reality as well.

We experience our outer life as a reflection of our inner life.
When we will only contain pure cleansed independent fulfilment within, we will only pour out the same in our outer world as an inspiration by example, which will help cleansing our outer world as well.

Isn't it too much to start the program
in these pandemic days?

When we literally can't get out and can't escape into distractions, it's the ideal time to turn inwards and to liberate ourselves from the inside out once and for all.
And no worries: every fear you ever had to turn inwards or outwards, will be flushed out without having to relive it.
It is actually an enjoyable journey to flush out the dark reality.

Why don't I get the complete program and lifetime personal support by e-mail for free?

Everything in nature which is healthy and Alive flows in a win-win manner and everything which is out of balance, eventually stops flowing and becomes a flatline or dies.

If our heart would only want to get blood, but doesn't want to give away blood in return, or the other way around, our blood flow would stop and all the organs connected to the heart would die with it.

So by only wanting to give or by only wanting to get, we promote flatlines, which don't serve anybody.

However, by giving and receiving in a win-win flow we help each other to continue to help more and more people to benefit from what each and everyone of us, authentically has to give once they have cleansed themselves from their troubled reality.

By entering this win-win approach, you will not only help yourself, but many more people to flow in abundance.

Is this program for me?

If you only want to 'think' liberated and only want to listen to the videos, but don't want to put them into practice, then the steps, just like a perfect fitness program, won't give you any results if you are not actually doing the exercises.

If you want to 'feel' liberated once and for all and you actually are prepared to take the simple to follow steps into pure practice, then this program will be life changing and liberating and is therefor for you.

Is it a one time payment for lifetime access?

Yes is it a 1 time payments to get and keep lifetime access to the Fearless Membership Experience.

I have another question?

For additional questions:
mail to:
call: +31 6 83 20 67 12


Get the full course for $97 -
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I offer this in depth step-by-step plan with lifetime support by email by myself, only temporary for this special reduction.
Temporary because I am only able to help a maximum amount of motivated people personally and for a lifetime by email.

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