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    • Avatar Danny Turano

      Tom – your videos have massively helped me on my journey and your drawing/explanation is absoluely perfect.
      I love your open communication; your authentic approach earns the most valuable commodity for me: trust. You’ve got a great approach, and I wish you the very best and a fulfilling life.

    • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

      Thanks Danny for sharing your appreciation and heartwarming feedback! I’m glad the videos have served you this way! What you see in me…is you 😉 Thanks and I wish you too all the best and complete fulfilment!

    • Avatar Miriam

      Loved Lovell over I loved this video!!! You are Amazing 👏👏👏 I cannot wait to see the next Video! After listening to video #1 I slept much better. I shared with lots of friends and some family members. I know I am on my way to healing. Thank You so much!!! I’ll be looking out for my next video.

      • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

        Great to hear Miriam, you have been enjoying the video so much! Enjoy your complete liberation process!❤️🍀🆓💎🌞

    • Avatar Allan

      Hello Tom. I am a very skeptical person. But when I watched your first video, WHO YOU ARE convinced me to continue listening. You are extremely clear, concise and credible. I have not encountered such a person many times in my life. THANK YOU for choosing to share yourself with the world.

      • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

        Thanks Allan, for sharing your appreciation. What you see in me is you 😉 I’m glad you have opened yourself up to dis-cover your intended independently liberated authentic self. 🍀🙏💎❤️ Enjoy becoming the liberate inspiration by example.

    • Avatar Richard

      Thank you Tom for sharing such educational and and self healing video at first i didn’t want to believe that there is such way to do it but after you shared your personal story i changed my overlook … i really need that 180° turn in my life,so looking forward for the 2nd video and i will do what ever it takes to let your program help me and others ….
      Again thank you so much

      • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

        With pleasure Richard.Your radical honesty with yourself and your willingness to make a 180° u-turn will make you unstoppable to dis-cover your intended independent liberated authentic life you are actually born for. Enjoy the process! 🍀🙏💎❤️

    • Avatar eddie

      How about a video on how to overcome the Monstrous Lie, that is the Truth of this Earth Reality.
      From cradle to grave mankind are conditioned to live in a constant state of fear and deception,
      nefariously fettered via an evil dark veil through which few can ever find the divine light of our true spiritual nature..
      i thought gaining gnosis of this may some how bring me liberation, but alas i am still lacking,
      so with some what renewed hope, i now turn to your introductory 4 part video series..

      • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

        Hi Eddie, I understand your reaction. We as human beings only believe and hold on to lies, when we have lost our connection with our natural core, and try to compensate the resulting emptiness, with lies, distracting addictions, control…The good news is that compensating our disconnection with natural intelligence (with lies, distractions, control,…) will never work and therefor will be self destructive, as a door opening to re-connection. The darkest of night is right before the sun comes up. Don’t fight the darkness, just be non-cooperative and turn on your light as bright as possible, as an independently fulfilled liberated inspiration by example.🍀💎❤️🙏

    • Avatar Mary

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m looking forward for video 2

      • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

        You are welcome Mary! I’m glad it is serving you! 🍀💎❤️🙏 Enjoy the journey!

    • Avatar Karolien

      Thank you Tom, this is what I have been looking for…

      • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

        You are welcome Karolien! Enjoy the most liberating journey we can make! 🍀💎❤️🙏

    • Avatar Melonie

      Thank you for this. When the student is ready, the teacher will show up. Again, thank you!!!

      • Tom Nuyens Tom Nuyens

        You are welcome Melonie! I’m glad you are ready to become the intended liberated inspiration by example the world really needs right now.🍀❤️🙏💎🌞

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