Questions to ask yourself
to get the best possible outcome
when going through tough times

To help reclaim your inner loving power, liberty of expression and self-ownership
past any kind of (nicely decorated) manipulation

Do I want to get the best possible outcome, for me and the people around me, while going through tough times?
Will I need clarity and peace of mind to be able to navigate through the tough times that I'm going through?
Will distracting myself (with my phone,...), from maybe confronting, but deep liberating answers within,
ever give me clarity and peace of mind to make it possible to navigate properly?
Could it be that the intelligence of nature is way more intelligent than the smartest of minds, titles, conditioned thinking or propagated information?
Could it be that I, or my soul has a direct phone line with this genius intelligence of nature, called my 'gut feeling'?
Could it be that the genius of nature, which is linked to my gut feeling, is designed to help me get the best possible outcome for both my natural self and ever natural thing and being around me?
Could it be that I have forgotten how to listen properly/ entirely to my gut feeling, in such a way that it always gives me crystal clear clarity and peace of mind while navigating through tough times?
Could it be that I have learned to close myself up from my 'feelings' out of self protection coping mechanism, when things got tough in my life? 
Could it be that out of self protection survival mechanism,  learned to build a wall around my feelings, by living in my 'thinking'/ 'mind' instead, constant looking with my 'thinking' for distractions away from my uncomfortable unsolved feelings.
Could it be that our lost connection with our genius natural 'gut feelings' and soul, is the root cause why I feel disconnected or not loved within, why I can not 'feel' my intrinsic independent value anymore, why I have lost control and power over myself, why I feel empty and not comfortable within?
Could it be that because of self protection closing-up coping mechanism, I learned to run away for the lost feelings within, with the hope that I will ever find those feelings outside myself?
Can I ever find lost 'feelings' within, when I keep searching for them 'outside' myself? 
Can I ever find an external solution for my internal problems?
Can I ever find a feeling of love and connection within and outside myself, when I keep running away from the 'feeling' of love and connection within myself?
Can I ever find a feeling of control and power within myself, when I keep giving away control and power over myself, to others?
Can I ever find a feeling of control and power within myself, if I keep trying to have power and control over others?
Could it be that the more people try to have power and control over others, the more it is a symptom of having lost power and control over themselves?
Could it be that the people with the highest intention of getting power and control over others, have the highest positions in society, while feeling the most powerless and lost within?
Could it be that I have learned to interpret, that the people who seems to have power over others are truly power, while in fact they are the ones feeling the most lost, disconnected and powerless within.
Could it be that the people who feel the most lost and powerless within, will do whatever it takes to gain control and power over others, as a big distraction for not having to feel their own lost 'feelings' and powerlessness within, and therefor can not  'feel' or have 'empathy' what they are doing?
Do I want to give away my inner loving connection, my inner power, my personal autonomy, my self-ownership, and self-determination, to those disconnected lost people?
Can fighting people who are trying to have power and control over us, ever bring us, love, peace of mind and clarity, or will it only give controlling behaviour an extra excuse to install more power over us, for example in the form of a police state, under the pretence of installing more safety for us.
Can not cooperating anymore, by not giving away our inner connection, our inner loving power and control anymore, make their unnatural un-intelligent behaviour powerless naturally without any effort?
If I stop giving away my personal autonomy, my self-ownership, and self-determination, can there ever be control over me left?
Is seeing through the nicely-wrapped-controlling-behaviour, and not cooperating with it anymore, not the only thing I need to do as an example and inspiration for others to do the same?
Could it be that the power and controlling behaviour at the highest levels in society, also try to control our perception, through what we have learned at school (for example that we are weak, shameful, ridicule losers, when we question or are not good at copying the truth installed by them?
Could it be that when we start wrongly believing that we are ashamed, weak, ridicule  losers, if we question, do not copy or obey installed truths, that we will never dare to question installed or propagated truth trough news,..., let alone dare not to cooperate with it anymore.
For example. Could it be that the genius of nature, in the form of our immune system is way more intelligent, than the smartest of minds or any chemical technology alien to the body?
Could it be that un-natural solutions, not aligned with the intelligence of nature itself, weaken our natural intelligent immune system and make us weaker and dependent?
Could it be that my weaker depending state, benefits people trying to gain power and control over me?
Could it be that people with the highest desire to have control and power over me, try to have power over all my perception, by controlling media and censorship?
Does truth ever need fact checkers, manipulation, control or censorship, or are fact checkers, manipulation, control and censorship only symptoms when authority is trying to have power over others by hiding or manipulating the truth?
Can all the distractions in the world (Phones, Netflix, Soccer, the news, a war, co2 alarms, a pandemic ...) all be used as a one big distraction, so I won't see, that all my inner loving power and inner autonomy, is being taken away from me, one by one, without even noticing it, by those who have the desire to have more power and control over us.
Could it be that all tools to gain more power over me, are using my loving super power against me, under the pretence that it is good for my health and the health of my loved ones (unnatural experimental bio alternating agent alien to the body, admitted was not even being tasted for transmission, still forced upon us to install a live stock QR-id), safety (asocial distancing, pretended under the form of 'social distancing), forced to disconnect from healing human love and hugging connection, compromising our innate immune system and human identity (weakening, identity covering masks), depriving myself from my essential immune strengthening vitamin d (by forcing to stay inside, without broadcasting essential vit d supplementation), environment (making us belief that we have to fight the essential life component itself, essential to make plants grow and therefor must give up our autonomy of farming, so they can control our food and survival), comfort (coming up with QR identity or digital currency or faster technology, to give authority the ability to cancel me if I do not let them have unnatural power or control over me).
Could it be that these draconian enforcing measures to gain more power and control over me, are becoming so exaggerated, because authority realises that more and more people are waking up and are seeing through the distractions, and therefor authority does everything out of fear to loose power, out of fear to feel their inner powerlessness.
Can I ever find a feeling of comfort, autonomy and resilience within myself, when I keep weakening myself by giving away my inner authority and loving power to others, especially to others feeling powerless and disconnected within?
Could it be that the intelligence of nature, is rigged in our best interest in such a way, that it provides us with dis-ease symptoms or difficult times, not as a tasteless joke, but as a very valuable guide, that we have been blocking our core, soul, gut feeling or genius natural intelligent direction for too long.
If we look at the intelligence of nature around us, then everything that is alive to the fullest flows to the fullest (blood flow, respiratory system,...) and everything that gets blocked or stops flowing, heads towards dis-ease symptoms and if not listened to or addressed un-naturally, might head towards a flat line.
Could it be, that if I unblock the intelligence of nature within myself, by listening to all valuable dis-ease symptoms in my life, and use them as a guide to re-align myself with the intelligence of nature, with the help of my gut-feeling, that I, nature and the people around me, will thrive again, naturally aligned with the intended intelligence of nature?
Could it be, that the darkest of times is right before the sun comes up. In other words, could it be that the disconnected power and control over others, becomes worse first, to help us wake up and find our inner gut feeling and natural genius intelligence again?
Could it be, that instead of being distracted by fighting external authority (or waiting for them to have to come up with solutions), I only have to find and focus on dissolving my own disconnection and on finding my inner loving connected authority aligned with the genius of nature itself?
Could it be that focussing on my own response ability or ability to respond, aligned with my gut feelings, I will focus on navigating with crystal clear clarity and peace of mind, through tough blindfolding, manipulating times, with the best possible outcome for myself and ever beautiful genius connecting natural beings and things around me.
Could it be I haven't learned how to solve my unsolved feelings naturally and effortlessly from the root up, with the intention to keep me being a disconnected, distractible, manipulable, offended, weak and controllable being, isolated from the rest? 
Could it be I be that installing labels of identity outside of ourselves (gender neutral, black, white,  jabbed vs non jabbed, climate change deniers, conspiracy theorists, ...) are all distracting labels to plant seeds of devision, to gain power and control easily over me individually, which would be impossible if I feel united?
Could it be that my loving human super power lies in reconnecting with everyone and everything again, past any label from my very autonome inside out.
Would it help if all people would have the opportunity to answer themselves these questions, to re-align themselves with their own gut feeling and with the best possible outcome for all of us beautiful human connecting loving super powers?
Do I want to share these questions through the share buttons below, so we all can benefit from them together?
Do I want to fight, judge, ridicule and force my insights upon others, if they don't see it yet,
just like authority wants to force their installed power and control over us from the outside?
Or do I want to feel independently relaxed and fulfilled and want to truly connect with what we have in common, and give space and time to let others feel free to find their own gut feeling and their own answers within themselves too?
Do I have other questions I like to share, from my gut feeling, that would help others navigate to the best possible outcome for all beautiful human loving powers and will I fill them out in the comment box below?

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