Cancer: addressing the cause naturally
Cancer: addressing the cause naturally

Natural approach to cancer, instead of just fighting the symptom. Do you know someone with cancer? Or do you know someone with symptoms of weight loss, persistent fatigue, unexplained bleeding, persistent cough, changes in moles, persistent digestive issues, unexplained muscle or joint pain, prolonged fever, changes in bowel or bladder habits, and unexplained lumps or swelling?

Then share the link of this page with them, or share via the buttons on the right. Have you ever wondered what the real cause of cancer is? Why has there been an explosion of cancers only in the last few decades?

What if we base ourselves on the intelligence of nature, which is much smarter than the smartest mind?

Everything in nature that functions or lives flows freely, like our bloodstream or our respiratory system. Anything that blocks or stops flowing shows symptoms of blockages, such as reduced function, inflammation, discomfort, or disease symptoms. And when we don’t address the root of the blockage, it eventually leads to a halt in the flow of life.

So when we follow the intelligence of nature and want to move from disease, inflammation, or blockages to optimal functioning, we only need to recognize and remove the blockages so that nature itself can restore optimal flow or function.

Do you think covering up these blockages or symptoms, for example with foreign, unnatural chemical medication, cutting, poisoning, or irradiating, can ever solve the natural cause of blockage and allow us to flow or function naturally again?

Every cell in our body has its own function that is precisely communicated between and to the cells. Every blockage in this necessary communication means that some parts no longer have the right information on how to function, which we experience as inflammation, reduced functionality, or disease symptoms. For example, cancer is the result of a blocked flow of information, causing the cell to no longer receive adequate communication of its cell function, and thus begins to grow uncontrollably.

Removing the blockage so that all energy and information can flow freely again in our body, so that each part receives complete communication of function again, is what we need to do so that the intelligence of nature itself can restore optimal function or flow.

The four causes of blockages or diseases are:

  1. blockage by external toxins or toxicity,
  2. blockage by electrical and magnetic fields,
  3. blockage by persistent chronic stress or trauma, which literally means blockage, and
  4. blockage by nutrition.

Knowing what and why our optimal physical flow is blocked is essential to eliminate these blockages easily and thus allow your physical body, by nature itself, to flow back into its intended optimal state.

Click here when you’re ready to remove all these physical blockages, click here to remove all mental/emotional blockages, so that nature itself can regain the space to flow or function from within, which truly means healing or healing.

Thank you in advance for helping to raise awareness about natural health from root cause to every symptom.