How to cure ADD/ADHD at the very root: the root cause revealed!

Only when we heal the root, we can cure ADD/ADHD and it’s symptoms forever naturally.

You probable wonder ‘how to cure ADD/ADHD or even wonder if there is a cure for ADD/ADHD?’.
In this video your insight in the root cause of ADD/ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is about to change for you, so you will be able to stop or cure ADD/ADHD at the very root naturally and for once and for all:


Hi I’m Tom from the and in this video I want to show you the real root cause of ADD/ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Because only when we know the root cause of ADD/ADHD we can cure ADD/ADHD at the root forever.

On the internet I see so many videos pointing only at the external causes, a populair one is for exempel” the brain is different”. 

But I have experienced myself watching these videos with believed solutions didn’t solve the actual problem at all. I haven’t seen a single video which explains the actual root cause and WHY our brain reacts the way it does.

It is most likely if you manage to change your external circumstances by numbing them for example with medication, you will experience new but similar kind of symptoms. And this is because the root of the problem of ADD/ADHD hasn’t been solved within ourselves yet.
And as long as the root cause of ADD/ADHD stays covered, there can not be a cure for ADD/ADHD.

The diagnoses of ADD & ADHD have risen 66% in the past 10 years. It is a so called frontal lobe disorder you need to learn to live with. Do you believe out of nowhere 66% of our youth have a frontal lobe problem?

NO, it’s a wrong diagnosis, I will show you why.

Do you want to know the real reason Why do you have difficulties to keep focus, or why you are hyperactive either on the inside or on the outside or both. 

Do you want to know why you get easily bored? Or why you have difficulty regulating your attention and emotions? 

Do you want to know the real root cause why you feel like being in a pin ball machine? Or why you are getting side tracked even while you know what to do and have the best intentions?

By watching this video your insight in the real cause of ADD/ADHD  is about to change for you.

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When we know what the real cause is, we can heal the root and therefor automatically liberate ourselves from every other ADD/ADHD symptom too, such as limited attention, hyper activity either on the inside or on the outside or both, impulsivity, absent mindedness,  forgetfulness, learning disability, not feeling understood, feeling alone, anger, anxiety, boredom, mood swings, depression, etc.

According to brain expert Doctor Daniel Amen, we all need a healthy brain, If we want to create and experience a great life, a good functioning brain that can take healthy decisions is key. And if you really can’t solve your ADD or ADHD at the very root that I will show you in a little animation, than I suggest you to let a brain scan taken. The brain can also be regenerated with the right nutrition according to Amen. But most likely, once you choose to solve the root, a brain scan won’t be necessary, because you will be set free not only from the symptoms, but also from the victim-label.

You don’t need to feel ashamed for the fact that you suffer from ADD/ADHD or that you even might be depending on medication like ritalin or adderall, because the truth is, that almost everybody suffers from any kind of restless distraction disorder sooner or later and suppressed the symptoms even more with f.e. constantly checking our phones, working, sex, shopping, alcohol etc, before they actually solve the root cause.

For example the symptoms of dopamine addiction to technology: distractablity, inability to get things done, shortness of attention, forgetfulness, it’s all the same thing, so we miss diagnosed things and get stuck and chained to the victim diagnose.

It’s the addictive quality of dopamine that we get from the instant gratification from our cell phones, we only want more and more of it, every bleep it makes or message you get is another shot of dopamine.

If you wake up in the morning or even at night and you check your cell phone, than you might be addicted, when you are in your car and get a bleep from your cell phone and you have to look at it immediately, you might be an addicted to the same kind of distractions.

We live in a society where everything we want we get immediately; instant food, instant shopping, instant sex. We get used to get many shots of instant gratifications a day that distract us and that we get addicted to. Our brain is literally trained to restlessly hunt in a rat race for the next quick fix of dopamine distraction?

But do we ever ask ourselves the question, where do we need to be distracted from?

Before we are going to shine the light on the root of our dark symptom of our attention deficit hyperactivity disorder within, let’s go over a few essential steps first to create the best external environment for a good healthy brain.

The first step is pretty obvious: you need a good night sleep of at least 8 hours. If you are having trouble getting a good night sleep, the root cause will become visible too in the following animation, so you will get a clear direction in what direction the solution is to be found.

The second step is that 70% of or our brain consists out of water, so drinking a lot of fresh water is key, to keep our brain healthy.

The third step is that eating or drinking sugar, coffee, alcohol, processed food, meat and fat is not good for the brain at all. Eating way more vegetables and drinking a lot of water while reducing sugar, alcohol, meat and fat to the minimum, will let you lead a much more healthy and enjoyable life.

And the fourth step is: everything that is alive flows, like for example a healthy blood flow and everything that stopped flowing becomes a flatline or dead. So make sure to let the blood in your brain flow extra at least 3 times a week, by walking half an hour as if you are late, is enough already.

And last but not least, if we stop eating sugar and replace it with getting our daily necessary nutrients instead by eating more vegetables, we won’t get any sugar cravings and restore our body in a healthy balance.

Did you know that the increase of our fats in our body, decreases the size of our brains? It scares the fat out of you don’t you?

These are all very valuable and essential tips to restore your brain to a healthy flowing state again, but it doesn’t solve the root cause of ADD/ADHD yet at all.

I used to be so hyperactive that I got Hip bursitis. Being all over the place resulted also for me in being so skinny that my joints became thicker that my limbs and that people started laughing at me. The good news is, that once the root cause is revealed, we can choose to solve it for once and for all and experience retirement from our Ferrari brains and get crystal clear vision and focus instead.

Do you want to know the real root cause?

The real root cause of ADD/ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is: restlessness or fear. Fear from feeling something what hasn’t been solved yet, that arises to the surface when we are not distracted.

Also being bored means that unpleasant unsolved emotions arise, when we are not enough distracted away from our unsolved emotions.

To end the root of the problem together with all its symptoms for once and for all and therefor to shine the light onto your dark ADD/ADHD or onto our dark fear or restlessness, I came up with af fundamental animation to show you in the video:

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