How to break my child’s addiction forever + natural anti-dote

How do I break my child`s addiction.

In this video I want to give you perspective and clarity in direction how to break a child’s screen addiction or any other kind of addiction completely, from the very root up.
I want to show you where the biochemcial anti-dote is to be found and the practical steps to help your child overcome addiction.

Only when we solve the actual root cause of addiction, we can heal the root together with it’s symptoms once and for all.

Quick fix distractions provide us with the hormone dopamine, which we become addicted and used to, and always need more of.

If our child is addicted to screens, videogames or something else, there are 3 key factors to end this addiction.
1. First we need to become the example and inspiration of someone who radiates independent calm and loving fulfilment by solving our own fears, restlessness, pains and addictions to something or someone from the very root up.
2. An addiction or compulsive behaviour is always based upon fear; the fear to feel unsolved pain.
We can take away the fear of a child, by setting boundaries as a parent.
By doing this the necessary safe space is created for the child.

The brain hasn’t fully developed yet and doesn’t grasp cause and consequences fully yet.

Of course at first, when this firm and necessary boundary is set, the unsolved emotions that ly underneath, will surface and will be projected towards us as a parent. 

So when you choose to learn to be the example and inspiration of independent calm and fulfilment AND you are creating safety by setting firm & safe boundaries you follow through, you create the healing safety for your scared child.
The next step then is:
Give your child the most powerful biochemical anti-dote for the quick fix hormone dopamine your child has become addicted to.

This biochemical anti-dote called “Oxytocine” is transmitted through hugging, a massage before they go to sleep or wrestle with your kids so you have skin to skin contact. 

The physical attention and touch, and let me state this very clear, not sexual attention, produces the hormon oxytocin biochemically, within the child, which is THE anti-dote for any kind of present or future addiction.

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Has this video given you clarity and direction to help your child to be liberated from his or her addiction completely and naturally?
If it has, please like it and share it with your loved ones, because these days, more and more children are becoming addicted to quick fix dopamine shots, which will only become worse and reduces their healthy brain development.

If you want to reactivate your own anti-dote oxytocin reservoir and want to make sure you become the example and inspiration of  independent powerful calm loving bounderies and oxytocine giving fulfilment, your child really needs right now, make sure to click here and watch the 4 fundamental videos which build upon the insight in this video. You will also receive a checklist, you can fill out to start putting your own liberation steps into practice.

Enjoy becoming the example and inspiration and enjoy the liberation of your child.