In this video you will know how much water we should drink daily, what kind of water, what not and why? Enjoy the video!

Nature is way more intelligent than we are.
So make sure to drink ‘source’ mineral water from an actual natural water source, with the exact mineral ratio the way nature provides it.
(So don’t add minerals yourself to still tap water for example).

Drink Water with low Deuterium
(Deuterium between 85 ppm – 105 ppm is safe for daily use):

Deuterium is a heavy form of hydrogen.
Deuterium water makes water twice as heavy and clogs up our mitochondria and biochemical functions (mitochondria: the nano power houses in our cells that produce energy).
So practically we have to get rid of deuterium one way of the other to keep flowing or being alive, instead of blocking our system and becoming a flatline.

High levels of Deuterium in our body, blocks our body and is directly correlated with metabolic diseases like cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, blocking or slowing down energy metabolism resulting in obesity, fatigue, lack of sleep, not being able to focus, tiredness, unable to digest food efficiently, inflammation,…

The root cause of inflammation or diseases is most likely caused by blockage, due to accumulation of too much deuterium.

When you are able to deplete your deuterium by drinking low deuterium water and and by eating low deuterium food, by getting enough sunshine, by getting enough REM and DEEP sleep (depletes deuterium), your inflammation and your symptoms usually go away.

Water coming from cold mountain sources are the lowest in deuterium.

When you actually do have a metabolic disease like cancer, it is a good idea to drink Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW, 25–125 ppm deuterium) to stop cancer growth (scientific study)

These are my personal favourite mineral waters with essential electrolytes and low in Deuterium I drink every day:

Underneath you find my two brands (I have no affiliation with them) of source mineral water with essential minerals or electrolytes with safe Deuterium levels: S. Pelligrino: 90-100 ppm Deuterium & Gerolsteiner: 98 Deuterium)

Gerolsteiner has a much higher TDS or mineral content than S. Pellegrino.

When I’m doing intermittent fasting, I drink Gerolsteiner with much higher TDS, because during fasting you deplete your electrolytes much faster.

The rest of the day I drink S. Pellegrino with a very good but lower TDS.

How much mineral water do I personally drink each day?

The body produces the most amount of metabolic water when we consume fats: 100 grams of fat produces about 110 grams of metabolicwater, whereas 100 grams of carbs yields only 55 grams of water (study)

So eating a diet high in fats requires us to drink LESS water. While the water we drink is high in deuterium, this metabolic water made in our cells is naturally deuterium free. Thus, making more metabolic water and consuming less water leads to lower deuterium levels in your body!  

I drink when I’m thirsty, as much as I feel like, but make sure it is low deuterium water like mentioned above, with essential minerals.

While sleeping, just based on the humidity in our breath, we lose about 1 liter of water each night! So, we wake up dehydrated.

That’s why I start my day with drinking 1l of mineral water to replenish the mineral water lost during the night and to boost my energy.

Going to bed even mildly dehydrated can disrupt your sleep. Surprised? Dehydration causes your mouth and nasal passages to become dry, setting you up for sleep-disruptive snoring and a parched throat and hoarseness in the morning. A lack of pre-bed fluids can also lead to nocturnal leg cramps that may keep you awake.

Water without essential electrolytes
starves your cells from water (so actually dehydrates you). It also starves your cells from oxygen, from essential nutrients from food and from hormones, which results into consequential dis-eases or actual diseases.

My personal opinion is to only drink mineral water with essential electrolytes, without added anything to it.

When you don’t drink this kind of source mineral water, you are actually starving your cells from water (dehydration), oxygen, nutrients and hormones and your cells won’t be able to flush out toxins and acidic metabolic waste, which is food for viruses, bad bacteria and fungi to multiply.

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