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How to cope with loss or death.

How to cope with loss or death of a loved one. I want to share with you a perspective about coping with loss, grief or death. Of a loved one or maybe somebody who touched your life in an unique way. With the intention to help you go, to go from suffering towards complete liberation. As the fundamental base to be able to be the independently fulfilled example and inspiration you are born for. An inspiration for your loved ones and all the people you will come in contact with.

My intention is sincere and I wish it may serve you in this way.

To help you on your journey how to cope with loss or death of a loved one, I want to share with you my dis-covered perspective about death, loss or grief. With the intention to help you become alive to the fullest again.

To give you further clarity, perspective and direction to undo yourself from the layers of fear, pain, distracting addictions and consequential dis-eases, that stand in between the inspiration you actually are, I have made 4 free fundamental videos for you. 

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