How to get over a break up forever & become a magnet for love

In this video about how to get over a break up forever & become a magnet for love I want to give you clarity, and perspective. Towards complete liberation or relief, but also how to turn the end of a relationship or breakup into your great benefit.

From the moment we are born until now, we all have experienced painful emotions. This pain sets around our pure fulfilled feelings.

And we all tried to find a way to not feel that pain again.

By building a wall around our feelings, with distractions away from our unsolved feelings.

A great distraction, we all have used, is to not be alone with our own unsolved feelings.
We to call this distraction, a romantic loving relationship.

Being radical honest with myself, how confronting it may be, I must admit I have had relationships like that.
But this radical honesty, was the key to transform from compensation-relationship to real connecting-loving-relationship.

Do you see already the great opportunity a breakup or an end of distraction-relationship as we know it can provide?

Who wouldn’t want to be around you, when you are in that intended independent fulfilled blissful state?

If we truly want to become independently fulfilled and want to become a magnet for love and true connection, we all need to break up from dependency or distractions sooner or later. Whether it is in a relationship or by breaking up the relationship.

So instead of looking for victim bandages after a break up, be grateful for this great opportunity to become the independent fulfilled magnet for true connection.

The great news is, that solving our unsolved fears, pains and dependencies to become that intended magnet, isn’t that difficult. And it is actually very enjoyable and so liberating!We don’t even need to relive our unsolved traumas, fears and pains, to get rid of them completely.
Do you want to see proof this is also true for you and do you want to have an ever present safety net to get you past any kind of fear towards complete liberation?

Did this video give you a valuable change of perspective to become a powerful magnet, instead of a powerless victim?
Let me know in the comment box below, like and share it with your loved ones.

Enjoy your complete liberation process towards the magnet you actually are!

Tom Nuyens