How to stop bullying

How to overcome bullying & how to stop getting bullied

My intention with this video how to overcome bullying, is to give you clarity, perspective and direction to not only make this possible, but to turn it into your benefit too.

After having grown very fast around the age of 12, I was being laughed at and was bullied for being so skinny, my joints were actually thicker than my limbs. This was the birth of my very low self esteem and feeling of unworthiness. I tried many things to hide my low self esteem, literally behind layers of clothing. Until one day, on the bus from school, a kid yelled very loud through the entire fully packed bus, that my other pants were sticking out underneath my pants. The entire bus starting laughing at me. Being unmasked felt like wanting to disappear.

I restlessly searched for ways to not be laughed at or not being bullied anymore. I learned everything about fitness and nutrition, I became obsessed to become bigger and stronger. Later in life I realised my hunt to become strong and big, was out of fear for being laughed at again and just another mask of pretending for feeling small, weak and unworthy on the inside…

The key to not get bullied anymore, is to see and understand the reason why someone bullies. And most importantly and don’t give the satisfaction of showing you are suffering.

To help you to transmit independent fulfilment, and this way become the worst nightmare of a bully, I suggest you to watch my 4 free videos towards the true independent feeling of fulfilment within, we all are looking for outside of ourselves.

Enjoy your complete liberation process! #howtoovercomebullying #howtovercomebeingbullied #howtostopgettingbullied

Tom Nuyens