How to overcome emotional abuse forever

In this video about how to overcome emotional abuse forever from the root up, you will gain clarity and perspective. And it will also provide you the direction towards complete liberation. Or healing from this psychological abuse.

We cannot force awareness. But it is our response-ability to not cooperate with this unconscious abusive behaviour.

My intention with this video is to give you perspective, clarity and direction.
How to overcome emotional abuse. Whether it’s childhood emotional abuse by parents, or emotional abuse by any kind of relationship.
Apart from perspective and direction you will also get practical tips you can apply immediately.

We must understand what happens after being emotional or physiological abused. Sooner or later, we start to believe the illusion that there is something wrong with us. Or we are unworthy.
This creates a situation were we shut down all of our emotions.

Because we do this, we force ourselves to adopt the eyes and feelings of the abuser instead. And we start to try and please them. Hoping they will feel good, so we will feel good.

I have experienced both childhood trauma as well as emotional abuse in my partner relationships.
I kept choosing partners for a similar kind of neglect.

Emotional unavailable people, cold treatments and people who didn’t had any respect for my boundaries.

Because we are not aware of it, we tend to repeat the things we know, even though we feel it is not good.

This experience, together with being laughed at for being very skinny, made me feel very insecure and unworthy.
But I learned to transform this suffering into the independent fulfilling loving and abundant journey I want to take you on with me.

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Tom Nuyens