How to overcome trauma
How to overcome PTSD

A major issue in society these days is how to overcome trauma or PTSD. In this video I want to give you clarity, perspective and insight in the direction towards complete liberation from trauma or ptsd, and the feeling of independent calm and fulfilment.

First of all you don’t have to feel ashamed for the fact you have traumas or a post traumatic stress disorder. In fact, each and everyone of us, gets traumatised in one way or the other sooner or later, before we might learn to liberate ourselves completely. Some people may be better in hiding their traumas behind a seemingly functioning superficial mask of pretending, until one day, their mask will crack obviously.

It is not our fault we are or were traumatised, but it is sure our response-ability, or our ability to respond, to liberate ourselves completely from our traumas, until the untouched unharmed blank slate, underneath, who we actually are, is the only thing left to be experienced.

Enjoy the video!

My intention is that this change in direction and perspective, will save you years of frustrating searching without ever finding liberation.

To help you even more on your journey, I made 4 free videos which build upon this insight, towards complete liberation: – among which a tool you can use to help you get past any symptom of fear during this journey.

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Tom Nuyens