Losing fats, naturally and without exercising.
Losing fats, naturally and without exercising.

Do you want to lose fats, naturally and without exercising? How do you do that naturally and without exercising? Did you know that all toxins that enter our body through our environment, diet, or any form, block our optimal flow in our body and thus cause inflammation and symptoms of diseases?

Did you know that toxins accumulate in our fat cells to prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body when our body is blocked?

Did you know that excess fats, even when we appear slim and they are located around our organs (dangerous visceral fats), can block optimal functions like natural healthy rejuvenating muscle building?

Did you know that trying to lose fats by exercising, without unblocking them first, is not possible?

Did you know that too much cardio actually retains visceral fats (the dangerous fats around our organs) because our body thinks it’s in ‘survival mode’ and thus needs to retain fats as a survival strategy?

Did you know that you can easily lose fats, even without exercising, simply by knowing how to unblock our fats?

So you no longer have to be frustrated or demotivated because fat loss has never worked for you, even with the best intentions or your hard efforts.

What we ideally want is to remove our fats containing toxins so that our body can flow or function optimally again.

In this step, you will learn how to do that naturally, even without exercising.

Are you ready?

The only thing you really need to know is what causes our fats to remain stored, and that is the hormone insulin. When the insulin level in our blood is high, our fats and toxins are stored. When the insulin level is low, excess fats with toxins are naturally removed from our body.

How can we tell if we have a high insulin level? Quite simply, when we look at our exposed belly and see a lot of fat, that can indicate a high insulin level.

Now, how can we lower the insulin level?

The short answer is, by lowering our blood sugar.

Did you know that high blood sugar can be very harmful? It can cause damage to blood vessels, nerves, organs, immune function, and hormone balance, and in some cases, even be life-threatening.

The rise in insulin in our blood serves to lower the harmful blood sugar, but in doing so, it locks up our fats and containing toxins.

So what we ideally want is low blood sugar, so that insulin remains low, allowing excess fats with toxins to be naturally removed from our body.

How do we do that in practice?

By snacking less, possibly reducing our number of meals, and creating fewer sugar spikes. Remember that every sugar spike you create, even through a sugary sports drink, locks up your fats.

In any case, remember that you can easily remove your fats with toxins, without exercising, simply by snacking less, possibly reducing our number of meals, and creating fewer sugar spikes, thereby opening up your insulin-fats-toxins lock and also not causing damage to blood vessels, nerves, organs, immune functions, or hormone balance.

The next step is to practically remove our visceral fats (dangerous fats around our organs), along with containing toxins. The problem is that visceral fat, learnedly speaking, is very difficult to get rid of, except through short sprints to the maximum, which I only recommend after you have first reset your metabolic health. Otherwise, sprinting can even be dangerous.

The good news is that there is indeed a purely natural way how we can easily get rid of our visceral dangerous fat.

Do you know what a wonderful physiological advantage is as soon as we have our visceral fat back to a healthy low level? That our body starts ridiculously easily building muscles and pump again, even at almost 50, without shakes, supplements, or anything else.

Are you also demotivated because your body is very difficult to bring into a slim and muscular state, let alone to keep it that way 365 days a year? Are you done with shakes and supplements that never work, or maybe they help retain muscles and water but make you hold onto fats around the belly and vice versa? I understand your frustration. The good news is that it has never been about your physique or you, but about the fact that the root cause was never addressed.

From that same frustration and after almost following the opposite of fitness industry guidelines, my frustration turned into gratitude because of how smoothly my slim, muscular, and even 6-pack physique became possible, purely naturally and with much less effort, and very easily maintaining it in top shape all year round.

If you’re ready to ditch superficial solutions and finally meet and easily maintain your best physical natural state with minimal own input, click here, take the first step, and I’ll personally help you with the rest of the steps.

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